Dr Suang, DDS, Mesa Dentist

Dr Suang, DDS, Mesa Dentist

Dr. Charles Suang, DDS

Welcome to our Web Site, we are delighted to have you visit us! Here you can find information about your dentist’s thoughts, though we are not the only dentist Mesa Arizona has, and our extremely friendly and very professional staff. We specialize in quality dental care not only for adults but for children as well. We are offering a big variety of dental services and wide office hours for convenience of our patients.

If you need a cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry or just simply to improve your general dental health give us a call and Dr. Suang, DDS and our office staff is more then happy to set up a consultation appointment.

Some Of Our Services

IMPLANTS – With many years of practicing in placing the Imtec MDI implant system and also dozens and dozens of hours of continuing education and improving skills in dental implants, our Doctor Dr. Suang, DDS has completed both the Surgical and Prosthetic Principles and the Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Techniques courses at the Bicon Institute in Boston, MA in 2008.

This advanced education included specialized practicing and training in the Bicon Short Implant. Bicon Short Implants, from one side, maximize implant placement possibilities and from other side minimize the need for in-grafting procedures. With the Bicon system, big implant lengths are not necessarily better. The price for dental implants may vary, but Dr. Suang, DDS is always doing his best to keep our dental implants affordable. For many clinical cases shorter implants is a better solution.”



During long period of time dentists have been offering patients wide variety of benefits of the dental implants. Unlike usual ways of treatments of root canals and dentures, crowns or bridges, dental implants in Mesa AZ offer a strong solution for everyone with missing teeth.

Since 1985 the Bicon Dental Implant System was offering perspicacious dentists the good ability to provide safe implant restorations that could look and function like absolutely natural teeth. With Bicon Short Implants, everyone can avoid complicated bone augmentation or painful grafting procedures.

We proudly invite you to observe our website, to learn about implant restorations in modern dentistry Dr. Suang provides, and to view the options available in Mesa AZ for your dental needs.

KODAK 9000 3D SYSTEM – This detailed, true-to-life 3D images helps our Dentist provide quick and accurate diagnoses, improved planning and, finally, better dentistry.

KoR Whitening
Today it’s possible even Tetracycline-stained teeth to have whitened! KoR Deep Bleaching in contemporary dentistry is one of the effective ways to make beautiful your appearance!

ZOOM – We now offer the latest high-tech in-office one-visit smile whitening!!! Get whiter, brighter teeth faster! Ignite the white…ZOOM! Whitening in about an hour.

WATERLASE – New dental experience! NO SHOT! NO PAIN! NO KIDDING!
The Waterlase allows any procedures to be virtually painless and topically with no injections. This small microscopic fillings are highly conservative. “All-Tissue” since now means that the Waterlase works also on soft tissue (like gums, mucosa) as well as before on hard tissue (like enamel, dentin, or bone.). Our Dentist says “The Waterlase gives me ability to place tiny nice white fillings, not only large dark ones like it was before and like we once got as kids!”.
CLEAR CORRECT – Are you looking for something different then braces? ClearCorrect is the right choice. With no wires. With no brackets. Only clear, comfort—every reason to smile.
Using ClearCorrect, your dentist can make your teeth look great by using a series of clear, targeted, removable aligners. Each of them moves teeth just a little bit at a time and doing that until you some day discover that you have straight teeth.

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