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Crowns & Bridges are very important

Crowns and Bridges are very important and whether you may fear going to a dentist or not, you may definitely be in need of them.

More about Crowns & Bridges

What exactly is a dental crown? This is basically a cap that restores the tooth, by it being placed over the tooth. As a result of this cap or crown as it is so called, the size, shape and the strength of the tooth are all restored. The crown will cover the entire portion of the tooth, lying above the gum line.
As a result of their being used day and night, teeth get worn down. Teeth also get worn down because of a lack of good dental care. Dental crowns are just great as they help to restore teeth. These crowns are also great in giving teeth the protection that they require, against cracking or tooth decay.

What are crowns made from?

These crowns cover the entire outer region of the tooth and they are made from different kinds of substances such as ceramic (porcelain), gold or even both combined. These crowns are made in such a way that they fit perfectly and without any trouble, over the tooth that is naturally present.
The main reasons why people put crowns are because they want to cover broken or chipped or stained teeth. Crowns are also put to strengthen, as well as protect teeth that are weak. To put a crown it normally takes just two visits to a dentist. And it takes less than half an hour to get the crown placed.

So what then is a dental bridge?

This bridge does exactly as its name says. It is designed in such a way that it can bridge the gap between a tooth and many teeth that are missing. Such a bridge would generally be made up of two crowns. There would be a crown on each of the teeth that surround the gap. Then there would be a false tooth that would be placed in the midst of the tooth or teeth that have been crowned.
Just as is the case with any other bridge in life, a dental bridge also needs support. The support is given to these dental bridges, by the natural teeth that the person has. Or else if needed, implants could also give these bridges support. These bridges also help to stop the other teeth from moving from the positions that they are in.
That then covers the basics of Crowns & Bridges.