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Crowns & Bridges were invented with a very specific aim

Crowns & Bridges were invented with a very specific aim – to restore teeth that are very badly damaged or missing.

Just what exactly are these?

These are actually restorations for the teeth and they have been designed in such a manner that they are very aesthetic and also they are extremely durable. No matter how badly your teeth may be damaged, you can very easily get them restored and looking great as a result of these bridges and crowns. As a result of such restorations, you can have a very beautiful looking smile.
To almost anyone, their appearance is very important to them. It helps them greatly in developing their self esteem and so it is always important that if teeth are damaged, they should be restored immediately as having great looking teeth is very important to the self esteem of a person.

Crowns & Bridges are simply awesome

Crowns are also known as caps and these are dental restorations. There are certain occasions when conservative fillings are just not good enough in helping restore teeth and help in their functioning in the way that they are meant to. In such times, it is necessary to put in crowns.
On the other hand, a bridge is used to replace a tooth or teeth that are missing. There are many types of bridges that are available. One bridge is the kind that has 2 crowns that are placed on both the sides of the teeth that are missing and in this way they thus serve to connect the replacement teeth or tooth. It is also possible to support these bridges by using dental implants.

The importance and the make

If you have even a single tooth that is missing, it can be very bad for you as this can result in your other teeth drifting and becoming crooked. In addition to this, teeth that are missing and teeth that are broken, can also affect the speech ability of an individual.
These bridges and crowns can be made from different substances such as metal, material that is tooth-colored or they are also made from a combination of both of the above materials. There are certain dentists that make use of brides and crowns that are metal-free, just to increase their wear-resistance and the strength.

The bottom line

Crowns are made use of in repairing teeth and bridges are used in teeth replacement, this is the bottom line between Crowns & Bridges.
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