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When in Bangkok… Listen to Todd’s story
dental implant
Image by wgbhmorningstories
American Todd Banks lives and does business in Bangkok, selling orchids and dental implants. He speaks to producer Tony Kahn on a WGBH Morning Stories podcast called Til Death Do Us Part, about mixed marriages, cultural misunderstandings, and the joys and occasional jitters of life with his Thai wife, Goy.

Prior to speaking with Tony, he emailed Morning Stories:

Dear Tony:

I just wanted to say that Morning Stories podcasts are heard with eagerness and enthusiasm here in Bangkok. The contrast heard audibly is contrapuntal to my walk through a delightful alley-way filled with the aroma of fried chicken, noodle soups, and the sights of roasted ducks hanging in the windows. The streets are busy with shopkeepers opening up for the days business. The stroll to the sky train is comforting for me to see the familiar faces and smiles of the many persons on my Soi (side street). Some of my favorites are the barber playing checkers with bottle caps; always with his legs crossed, the fried banana lady who wants to make me fat by eating those delicious batter fried bananas, and the English newspaper sales guy that hands me the paper before I can reach in my pocket for the change to pay him. The main street is awash with the color of daily flower offerings to the Buddha and the smell of incense burning. Bangkok is wonderful in the morning, and morning stories for me, is a part of it.

Your story with Bonnie Lee so wonderfully revealed the underlying essence of many Asian people. The differences in perceptions about things pale in comparison to the similarities we as human beings feel. We may express feelings or ideas differently but all of us seem to want many of the same things that life has to offer.

Ms. Lee spoke about Love, I think she is right. I see love expressed in so many ways everyday in Thai life. Thank you for your show.

Your friend in Thailand,


You can find more Morning Stories at our website,

Broken right tooth
dental implant
Image by M. Janicki
My right front tooth was fractured horizontally and will likely be pulled out soon. I’m not sure whether I’ll get a dental implant or not, but I’ll update later.

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