Some cool dental implant images:

dental implant
Image by dentist-mumbai-dental-clinic
Since 1972, equipped with the Latest Dental Surgery Equipments, Om Dental Clinic in Khar (W) has been beautifying smiles in Mumbai.

Body Mod
dental implant
Image by WarzauWynn
Firstly, I apologize to everybody who’s using my photostream as a screensaver, of whom I know there are two. I know this is not my typical MO. There won’t be any more grotesque photos in my stream, and hopefully more scenic HDR since that’s what I know most of you are here to see, and since I’ve recently been inspired by some of my Flickr Buddies.

So, this is the result of like 00 and 4 years and a 12 gauge shotgun. I’m almost done.

I had a great weekend with Beth last weekend, and an hour after dropping her off a few blocks from the Bart station on Tuesday I was looking up at the bloody hand of an oral surgeon who was unscrewing a titanium implant module from the implant in my skull. Afterwards he screwed this one in, then sewed me up. The stitches still haven’t dissolved. Eating is hard. In a few weeks, for the first time in 10 years, I’ll have a full set of teeth. This is all the result of a mistake I made with a shotgun about 10 years ago. I’m not anti-gun by any means, I think all willing and responsible citizens should be armed, but with that comes responsibility to yourself and everybody around you. I still have the gun that I did this to myself with, though I haven’t shot it in years. I haven’t shot anything except cameras in quite a while… I hope I don’t have to.

So, if a cybernetically augmented person is a cyborg, does that make cosmetically augmented people cosborgs? I hate to be thrown in with the boob-job girls.

This is the first photo I’ve posted of my teeth in the last 10 years.

Anyhow, this is a slice of my real life. Now, back to dream land. Slices of happy dreams…

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