Implants: Ms.S.G._Nov,09-Feb10_VDC_IMG7225,7682,7719,7720

Check out these dental implant images:

Implants: Ms.S.G._Nov,09-Feb10_VDC_IMG7225,7682,7719,7720
dental implant
Image by Vardhman Dental Care
It took Ms. S.G. some soul-searching, introspection and experimentation before she graduated from her flexible denture to a swank implant-pair.

We are looking forward to favorable reviews from her when she arrives from the U.S. for her annual dental visit.

Post-Mugging Recovery Day 10
dental implant
Image by M. Janicki
So question is: now that I’ve had the stitches taken out and any healing will be healing of scars (since the swelling of my nose has largely gone down), should I continue doing this every day? Perhaps only around the major milestones now (e.g., dental implant put in place). Perhaps this set has reached its denouement.

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